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Vol 4


Mastering the art of effective communication for deal success
By Sharad Vishvanath, Faiza Khan

Everyone in Business & HR leadership is said to harp on how ‘effective communication’ is critical to deal success. This comes up consistently in M&A research studies done by various reputable M&A advisoryfirms. A study done by Aon across more than 150 companies also underscores ‘deal communication’ as one of the top five reasons for deal success. Read More


Escrow and indemnification – A thing of the past?
By Brian Cochrane

For many years, escrow and/or indemnification has been the standard by which buyers will insure the veracity of the sellers’ representation and warranties and their ability to meet claims from breaches thereof. The negotiations around these escrows and indemnifications can be intense and delay deal closings. Read More


Conquering the challenges of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises during economic slowdown
By Michael Lee, Dr. Liu Guilin

Due to China’s economic slowdown, the state-owned enterprises (SOEs), both centrally- and locally- administered, are suffering from declining sales and profits, alongside increased liabilities. This adds to SOEs’ operating difficulties and highlights their chronic mismanagement issues. Read More


Seizing talent selection opportunities during M&A transactions
By Divya Gianchandani, Vikas Verma

Fewer than half of all companies (49%) reported their leadership and key talent strategy as being ‘effective/very effective’ in identifying, selecting, retaining, motivating and developing leadership and key talent in deals. Even more telling is that studies indicate the failure rate of M&As hovers above 70%. Read more


Shifting obstacles to opportunities in family- owned businesses in the Middle East
By Javad Ahmad, Vinita Gajria

Much has been written about family- owned businesses; their contribution to the economies of the countries where they operate, the challenges they face, the way they are managed and most importantly, their future. Despite current challenges, family businesses in the Middle East have continued to grow and diversify, to the extent that they now compete with large global corporations. Read More

Volume 3


 M&A Leverage | Volume 3

  • Transforming Post-Merger Operating Culture
  • Soaring Profits: The Successful Merger of Two Retail Giants
  • Navigating Through Human Resources Reform for China's State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)
  • Leveraging Insurance Due Diligence on Cross Border Deals 
  • Enhanced Value Captured in Deals


Volume 2


M&A Leverage: Volume 2 Issue 1 

  • Changing the Game on Operational Risk
  • Risk Aspects to Consider While Doing Deals in Asia Pacific
  • The People Transfer Conundrum
  • Bridging Differences in Japan
  • Flexible Benefits as a Strategic Lever for M&A


Volume 1


M&A Leverage Volume 1 

  • Go West - Key to Successful Western Acquisitions by Asian Firms
  • Doing Your Due Diligence: Understanding Potential Human Capital Considerations
  • Decoding the Joint Venture Double Helix
  • Overcoming Risk Roadblocks in Deals


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