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Aon Hewitt's Health & Welfare Benefit Administration

Health & Welfare Benefit Administration

Sharply rising health care costs and growing complexity and regulations are forcing many employers to take a hard look at how they deliver health care to employees. More and more, they're outsourcing health and welfare administration—controlling costs, enabling movement toward consumer-driven health care, ensuring that increasingly demanding compliance requirements are met and freeing staff to focus on HR programs that drive growth.

Aon Hewitt is the leader in outsourced health and welfare delivery, handling the administration of health care for more than 9 million employees and retirees. From designing the very first flex plan to pioneering today's cutting-edge, consumer-driven health plans, we have a long track record of innovation and industry firsts in our 27 years delivering health and welfare services to our clients.

Comprehensive Services

Our standard health and welfare administration services:

  • Automate administration: Clients receive full enrollment support—including annual enrollment, new hires and life events—via the Internet or Customer Service, helping to reduce manual errors and premium overpayments.
  • Improve participant decision-making process: Robust decision-support tools including health plan comparison charts, provider search and cost estimators give participants what they need to make smart health care decisions.
  • Deliver powerful manager self-service administration tools: Plan information, eligibility reporting to carriers, enrollment, transactions and reporting are contained in a single source.
  • Enhance visibility with a comprehensive reporting package: Enrollments, census information, premiums and more are combined in a single report format to answer all of your questions about your health plan administration.
  • Simplify benefit communication: A full range of integrated communications support, including paperless enrollment makes the process simple and easy to understand for your employees.

Change-Enabling Technology

Aon Hewitt offers a range of robust service platforms designed to meet companies’ specific health and welfare administration needs. These platforms power our solutions to enable innovative health care strategies, promote employee self-management and decision-making, and facilitate third-party interactions.

As health care becomes more complicated, it's important to ensure that employees can access the best information. Our online tools—from health plan comparison charts to health care cost estimators—help employees get the right information to make the most informed and most cost-effective health care decisions. While these tools are particularly important in the U.S., we have solutions to encourage Canadian employees to manage benefit costs and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Moreover, since health care is a highly personal decision, we concentrate on providing high-touch solutions where participants need them most.

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