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Aon Hewitt's 360 Degree Absence Management Services

360º Absence Solutions

How Much Does Absence Really Cost Your Company?

Absenteeism creates a more costly and multifaceted risk than many companies realize. In fact, undermanaged absence can cost companies more than 8% of payroll. The impact of absence includes lost wages and productivity, compliance and legal risk, administrative burden, and lower employee engagement.

A Smarter Approach to Managing Absence

Since absence is never a one-dimensional problem, your solutions shouldn’t be, either. Only Aon Hewitt uses an innovative 360º approach—for truly comprehensive solutions to every absence-related challenge. We start by using proprietary tools to quantify the cost and patterns of absence within your company. Then we use those insights to design strategic programs and deliver administration solutions that can achieve best-in-class results.

With Aon Hewitt, you benefit from one team with a highly coordinated framework for providing risk analysis, program design and planning, and delivery of total solutions for company and state-mandated leaves of absence, short-term disability, long-term disability and workers’ compensation, as well as absence prevention. Because all of the phases in our process are integrated, they build on each other to make a greater impact on your company’s productivity and absence dynamics.

A Truly Integrated Absence Partner

The larger and more complex the workforce issues, the more relevant our holistic approach. We have the data and analytics tools to show you what’s happening, along with the expertise and breadth to design and deliver full-service administration that is optimized to transform your challenges. Our team of more than 700 experts delivers ongoing support to you and your employees. We use a robust technology platform to streamline absence management and deliver more usable data. To provide a fully complementary human resources framework, we link our absence solutions with your existing payroll and health-care administration programs.

Improved Outcomes for Every Absence Issue

With Aon Hewitt’s comprehensive solutions, you can transform your absence-related challenges:

  • Reduced cost of all absence types
  • Better management and mitigation of risk
  • Compliance with federal, state and municipal leave regulations
  • Greater administrative efficiency with streamlined technology
  • Safe and effective return-to-work programs that meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Enhanced employee productivity with cost savings for benefits
  • Stronger return on investment
  • Better employee engagement

To learn more about 360º Absence Solutions, contact us at peoplesolutions@aonhewitt.com or visit 360absence.com.

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