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Aon Hewitt's Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing

HR Business Process Outsourcing


We are pioneers in the HR business process outsourcing (HR BPO) industry and were one of the first providers to offer multi-process services. Today we serve more clients than any of our competitors. And our client satisfaction is the best in the industry. The 2010 Black Book of Outsourcing, an independent research firm that surveys the buyers of HR BPO services, reports that Aon Hewitt is ranked #1 in client satisfaction among all providers.

As the largest benefits and broad HR BPO provider in the world, Aon Hewitt handles more than 240 million HR-related customer interactions a year for more than 21 million employees and retirees.

Whether your organization is a complex global enterprise, a growing mid-sized business, or somewhere in between, we can help you:

  • Lower and control costs
  • Improve delivery
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Free up time to focus on strategic HR
  • Improve the ROI of your HR investments

Our HR BPO Business

Aon Hewitt’s HR BPO business provides administrative services across all HR areas, including benefits. We serve nearly 30 HR BPO clients and more than a million employees in over 100 countries. Our services are delivered by more than 5,000 experienced colleagues located in six full-service delivery centres across the globe.

We integrate our rich experience, proven delivery model and industry-leading tools and technologies to deliver a holistic customer experience. Our HR BPO offer is broad and includes comprehensive HR administration combined with built-for-purpose HR tools, including our myHR® Desktop and CS Pro. The myHR Desktop seamlessly integrates with Aon Hewitt’s benefit offers and commercial talent partners—enabling a consolidated entry point, customer experience and integration platform for all HR programs.

Our Administrative Services

Our administrative services leverage best-practice processes and innovative technology solutions that enable employees, managers and HR professionals to acquire, develop, reward and manage their workforce effectively. Our administrative solution is comprehensive and includes the following services:

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