Pillar 1

The Solvency II standard formula calculation is complex, requiring a large volume of input data and numerous individual calculations, some of which are iterative in nature. The iterations mean that the model answer is not always immediately apparent. The complexity is due to:

  • The amount of input data required
  • Restating the balance sheet on a market consistent basis
  • Alignment of the captive business lines to the Solvency II segmentations for input data - for example converting claims or premium data to categories to meet the required definitions
  • The iterative calculations for the Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR)

Aon's Solution - ASTRA

ASTRA is an Excel-based Solvency II Standard Formula tool, developed by Aon in response to the demand for an easy to use solution to completing the standard formula calculation in line with the latest version of the Level 2 Technical Specifications. It allows non-life insurance companies to complete the full SCR calculation, and can also aggregate life risk charges into the total SCR.