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Extended Warranty

Extended warranty primarily concerns insurance on consumer durables, distributed via retailers or the Internet, where the insurance policy is sold along with the product. Insurance on leased equipment for which additional or improved coverage is needed compared to the coverage normally provided by insurance companies in general, is also defined as extended warranty.

Retail sale
Traditionally, an extended warranty is a simple insurance policy covering damage occurring to a specific product purchased from a specific dealer. The insurance policy is usually taken out when purchasing the product and provides coverage from the time when the product is handed over to the customer. The policy covers a large number of claims not covered by traditional home contents insurance, and often without a deductible or depreciation. The policy provides the customer with the best possible coverage and will ensure payment of repairs or redelivery of a new, similar product if necessary. The customer does not have to worry about anything, and the dealer ensures that the customer comes back if a problem occurs. More satisfied customers equals improved customer loyalty.

Aon makes it simple for all stakeholders
Aon handles many functions in the course of an insurance collaboration, including collection of premiums, renewal of insurance policies and claims handling.

It is a great advantage to both customers and dealers that they only have a single point of contact in the event of damage or if they have questions about policies or claims.

Aon has been working with these types of policies for the past fifteen years; we have extensive expertise in this area and are used to processing large volumes.

Easy administration
The majority of our clients use the Internet as the basis for their insurance concept. Here, policies can be registered, insurance certificates can be printed out, claims can be reported and general information can be retrieved as well as information on the client relationship.

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