Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance

With a unique ability to help insurance clients operate in this increasingly complex market, we provide custom reinsurance solutions for all areas of the aviation market. Our focus spans all major airline risks, general aviation, space/satellite and retrocessional protections on both an ultimate net-loss and original-loss warranty trigger point bases.

An evolving industry
As much as the airline industry is constantly changing, and new opportunities being created, so is Aon's range of products and services. Aon’s aviation broking and risk-management experts regularly create new products and services which enable you to make the best of these opportunities without having to spend time looking at the insurance implications.

A range of insurance solutions
We bring the complete scope of aviation and airline insurance to our airline and aerospace clients. Whether you are looking for support with cyber-crime, weather derivative or residual value insurance or enterprise risk management or mergers and acquisition, we put you in touch with the right Aon experts.

We ensure your cover is the best in the industry
Aon has comprehensive databases covering both airline and aerospace operations globally. This ensures that we can track the efficiency of products and services for our clients against their peer groups. As a result, we can focus on ensuring that you receive aviation and airline insurance that is the most efficient and cost effective in the industry.

Thought leadership
Aon publishes market-leading newsletters and reviews about risk management in both the airline and the aerospace sectors. With them, we keep our clients and the markets fully abreast of developments in both the industries and their insurance markets.

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