Fronting Cells White Rock Protected Cell Company

Fronting Cells White Rock Protected Cell Company

White Rock Guernsey is a Protected Cell Company (PCC) facility where each insured’s business is legally segregated from all other cells in the PCC. White Rock Guernsey enables clients to access the reinsurance market and facilitates this by issuing non – admitted insurance paper in territories where it is permissible to do so.

Sample countries

Countries where White Rock Guernsey can issue non-admitted paper include:

  • United States
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

Other world-wide territories may also allow non-admitted paper. For a full list of potential locations please contact us.

Competitive fees

Due to our control process and efficient solvency regime, White Rock’s fronting fees are extremely competitive when compared to most other insurers.

Support of reinsurance

All fronting cells operate with the support of 100% reinsurance for all risks that they are writing, such that the cell retains no risk. Because the company operates as a ‘’pure front’’, the insured has no ownership nor control over the activities of the cell, and the PCC structure means that the credit risk to the insured is effectively the credit risk of the reinsurer or reinsurance panel.

Benefits of a White Rock Fronting Cell

  • Much more cost effective than using a traditional fronting option
  • No ownership by client required
  • Coverage may be available in the reinsurance market that is not available from direct insurers
  • Access to reinsurance market can reduce the overall cost of premiums
  • Speed of set-up
  • Proven experience in undertaking these transaction
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