Data & Analytics

Protecting Reputation in the Digital Age

Reputation events, such as cyber attacks, have a direct impact on share price, a new report by Pentland Analytics and Aon has found.

Geopolitical Volatility

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Geopolitical tensions, trade wars, Fed rate rises, and fears over China's slowing economy will create challenges for businesses.

Social Impact

Protecting Human Rights

Aon's law department is providing pro bono counsel and ensuring access to justice for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

M&A Risk

The Changing Face of Mergers & Acquisitions Risk

There's been extraordinary growth in use of reps & warranties, tax, litigation and bespoke contingent insurance in M&A deals.

Cyber Risk

How Exposed Are You to Cyber Risk?

Take our free 15-minute Cyber Risk Diagnostic to help you identify key internal and external cyber threats to your organization.

Talent, Rewards & Performance

Taking Employee Experience to the Right Level

Aon's latest Global Employee Experience Research highlights a strong need for continuous dialogue - but are businesses ready?

Cyber Risk

The Price of Data Security

Will your business be able to insure against any GDPR fines, legal costs and liabilities in the countries where you operate?


Are PPPs The Answer to the U.S.'s $1.5 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan?

Is there a role for the private sector in the US government's plan to invest $1.5 trillion in the country's road, rail and computer networks?

M&A Risks

Protecting Your Firm's Most Valuable Asset

Aon appoints leader for its new Intellectual Property Solutions group and acquires IP firm 601West, helping clients manage rapidly growing IP risk.

On-Demand Economy

Trends in Global Employee Engagement

After last year's drop, employee engagement levels are back to their all-time highs – but the story's not the same for every country.