Commercial Risk Solutions

Trends in economics, demographics and geopolitics – compounded by the rapid pace of technological change – are creating unprecedented volatility for organizations. We offer risk advisory, risk transfer and structured solutions that help organizations and individuals better identify, quantify and manage their risk exposure.


2018 Predictions: Trends in Cybersecurity

2017 saw a dramatic rise in the sophistication, scale and impact of cyber attacks – what trends will impact business in 2018?

Global Supply Chain

Technology and Global Supply Chain: the Risks and Opportunities

Blockchain will increase supply chain transparency while dramatically reducing costs and risk, particularly in the area of costly and cumbersome paperwork.

Geopolitical Volatility

What's the Business Impact of Geopolitical Risk?

Among the challenges businesses face related to political risk are supply chain disruption, business interruption and even asset nationalization.


A First in Cyber Risk Management

Cisco, Apple, Aon and Allianz collaborate on a cybersecurity solution to make businesses more resilient.

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