Data & Analytic Services

In an increasingly volatile world, the ability to use data to enable better decision-making has never been more important. We develop insights – driven by proprietary data, technology and advisory services – that help clients reduce volatility and improve performance.

Social Impact

Boosting Disaster Relief in Cambodia

Aon's advanced data visualization tools are improving disaster relief and increasing resilience to flood threats.

Social Impact

Powering the Winds of Change

Aon's renewable energy solutions are accelerating investment in offshore wind farms, helping make them one of the fastest-growing sources of clean energy.


Wearables: Promises & Pitfalls

Over 115 million wearable devices shipped in 2017 (according to research firm IDC). Data from these devices can improve business outcomes, but also presents risk that must be mitigated.

Operational Efficiency

Insights in a World of Data

Aon Inpoint transforms data into actionable insights that help clients anticipate changes in the market and ultimately make smarter decisions.