Reinsurance Solutions

Unprecedented volatility is creating new risks and opportunities for organizations across the global economy. We provide risk transfer, claims advocacy and capital management solutions to help re/insurers reduce volatility and build more resilient businesses, governments and communities.

Data & Analytics

Why It's Easier to Win at Blackjack than Insurance

Uncover the keys of making good data driven decisions so we can learn from a set of known outcomes.

De-risking Cities & Countries

Terrorism Pools: Adapting to a Changing World

Terrorism reinsurance pools have been setting an example of how PPEs should adapt to maintain their effectiveness.

Market Outlook

Reinsurance Market Outlook: Supply Rebalance Still Positive for Cedents

Our expectation is that insurers will continue to trade reinsurance risk at similar (or better) economics.

Cyber Risk

Aon Launches New Solution to Protect Insurers from Silent Cyber

Aon can arrange a reinsurance solution for cyber exposure to sit across multiple business lines.

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