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Corporate Governance and Board Solution

Corporate Governance and Board Solution


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Board Scan, Health-Check, and Transformation

Based on best practices in the market, scrutinize the existing corporate governance structures, competency, and processes to identify the pitfalls of the current board and provide actionable advice to maximize effectiveness of board operation.  A special improvement program is then designed to transform the board to a world-class strategic board.  This may include deliverables on how best to appraise the performance and capability of board members and propose program for development.


Enterprise Risk Governance

Boards are responsible for articulating and monitoring key risks, particularly fatal risks.  The challenge for boards and management is to continually balance risk with acceptable reward.  Directors need to understand their company’s exposure to risk, to determine how those risks are faced, and to ensure that risks are delegated properly and appropriately to management.  Responsibility stays with the board.  Risk management across the enterprise - not risk minimization - should be the objective.   We build Key Risk Indicators and ERM that re-connects the board to management.


Directors' Compensation and Remuneration Committee

Aligning the interests of the executive directors and installing a system of checks and balances is an important first step for many private equities and new boards looking to create "sustainable" value.  Working with our Aon Consulting colleagues, we evaluate and install total compensation package that aims to motivate the delivery of results, while addressing both internal and external equity.  Remuneration Committee and their roles are set.


Governance Design and Architecture

Set up the clear responsibilities and functions of the corporate board by analyzing the corporate governance guidelines in the context of differing national frameworks of law and regulation, stock exchanges rules and societal values, and the unique business model and maturity of the firm. A corporate governance framework that is relevant in terms of best practices and effectiveness will result in increasing recognition of the firm, and enhance its economic performance and ability to attract low-cost capital and talented employees.


Family Governance to Corporate Governance

Some of the best performing companies are family owned and run.  But to enhance family legacy and extend into future generations, proper separation of family's interests and company's interests must take place.  To bring about this transformation, we coach the patriarch and the next generation in installing cascading-like systems of control and decision-making.  We help them set up family councils and family offices, with a family constitution and proper policies.


Leadership Development, Assessment and Succession Planning

Build up the talent pool to define the quality and depth of top leaders in the organization; Assess both existing and potential leaders with market-proved models and tools to identify gaps and development opportunities; Propose the development ladders that can foster growth of future leaders, and equip the development plan with actionable initiatives and programs.


Director and Officer Liability

We understand that a board will be interested in strategies for mitigating risks including the risks associated with being a director of a corporation. We have a team of experts responsible for structuring Directors & Officers Liability insurance solutions and to find more about these services click here .



Project Governance and Risk Guide

As a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Aon Hong Kong Limited is proud to present the Governance of Project Risks - A Guide for Non-governmental Organisations. Developed by Aon Global Risk Consulting, this guidebook is designed for directors and senior management of NGOs who are responsible for ensuring success of projects and managing the risks associated with the projects.


This practical guidebook aims to:

  • Share knowledge on best practices in managing project risks;
  • Provide guidance to directors as to their roles in governing projects; and
  • Provide practical tools such as templates and checklists to assist the directors in governing the project and managing the risks at various stages of the project life cycle.


This guidebook is available for download here.

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