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In business today, priorities and needs are changing as fast as employee expectations. At the same time, smart devices have forever changed the way people interact with their favorite brands, their friends and family, even with their employer. Your employees expect the same great web experience at work that they enjoy in their everyday life: easy to use, all in one place, on their device of choice. To meet this need, Aon Hewitt has developed UPoint, a unique HR portal that brings all of your HR content together in a simple and seamless experience.

UPoint: Simple & Seamless

  • Drive behaviors by proactively connecting with employees in their channel of choice
  • Link directly from email/text into transactions
  • Operate consistency across web, tablet, smartphone, email, text, service center and IVR

UPoint gives employees a single point of entry for everything they need—from their 401(k) balance, health benefits and vacation days to information on the company’s wellness program or career opportunities. It can even alert employees to actions they need to take, such as adding a new baby as their dependent, or to changes in company policy.

Flexibility for the Employer

  • Customized to look like and represent your corporate culture
  • Quick and easy to add content, new features, functionality and updates
  • Ability to author your own content
  • Ability to post non-personalized content pre-login (e.g. forms, policies)
  • Data can be “bubbled up” to be displayed on UPoint

Simplicity for the Employee

  • Easy to find information and take action
  • One site that aggregates information from underlying apps, even those in the cloud or third-party apps
  • Personalized modules to drive behaviors via data, segmentation, etc.
  • One place for content, transactions (SaaS) and personalization
  • Enhanced features—multimedia, search, chat, social media, customer service

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