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Welcome to the Aon Active Health Exchange

The health care evolution is here.

One thing is clear: The old health benefits system is broken. In 2014, the projected average cost of health coverage is more than $13,000 per employee.* To break large employers out of this spiraling cost trend, Aon has developed a groundbreaking solution—the Active Health Exchange, which curbs employer costs while giving employees greater choice.

Leveraging the free-market model for group health care.

The Aon Active Health Exchange is a managed insurance marketplace where multiple carriers compete in offering employees a choice of fully insured group plans. This model merges the best of all worlds: group coverage pricing with the individual choice and consumerism that come from free-market competition.

As America’s first national multi-carrier, fully insured private health exchange, the Aon Active Health Exchange leverages our extensive expertise in benefits administration to offer large companies a combination of leading nationwide and regional insurance carriers and multiple plan options.

The way it works is simple:
1. The employer establishes the amount it can pay toward employee health care.
2. Each employee uses that credit to shop from a menu of standard health plans.
3. Each employee selects the plan and insurer that best fit their needs.

The results are revolutionary:
  • Predictable employer costs
  • Competitive rates and high quality
  • Greater employee choice and responsibility
  • Flexible coverage to fit each employee’s needs
  • More carrier accountability

Let us help you evolve.

To learn more and discuss whether the Aon Active Health Exchange is right for your company, contact us.

*Source: Aon Hewitt Health Value Initiative database

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