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Program Benefits

What’s in it for your organisation?

We want the participation experience in the Aon Best Employer global program to be rewarding for all organisations. Aon is committed to providing insights on best practices in talent management, as well as the results specific to the organisation. These are the participation benefits you can expect:

  Participation Benefits
1 Results report
2 Debrief session1
3 Invitation to global best practices webinars and access to global research
4 Opportunity to be recognised as an Aon Best Employer

1Debrief session may be virtual

Organizations that achieve Aon Best Employer status will benefit from an enhanced reputation and strengthened employer brand.

  Benefits for organisations recognised as an Aon Best Employer Locally Regionally Globally
1 Certificate and Aon Best Employer stamp for employer branding initiatives For country /countries For countries and regions For countries, regions and global
2 Organization name mentioned on Aon Best Employers website X X X
3 Promotion of Aon Best Employers in the media   X X
4 Company feature on Aon Best Employers website     X
5 Showcase your best practices (e.g. your organisations case study, speaking opportunities with Aon)   X X

Note: Participation is strictly confidential and only Aon Best Employers will be identified publicly.

Has your organisation got what it takes?

If your organisation is interested in joining the Aon Global Best Employers program, please email us at to complete a simple registration process.

This is a unique opportunity for you to be part of a prestigious club of organisations who have worked hard to earn the status of Aon Best Employer.

Contact us to find out.

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