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Best Practices and Challenges to Profitable Growth

Surveys confirm that quota-setting is the #1 challenge facing effective sales compensation plans. New research from Stanford University shows that a sales quota system can backfire if not implemented correctly. How?

  • Decreased sales engagement
  • Increased sales turnover
  • Poor sales results
  • Overpaying for performance

Have Sales Quotas Been Properly Implemented?

According to recent cross-industry studies, the vast majority of companies use sales quotas in their sales compensation plans, but do not believe their quota allocation processes are effective. Each year at Aon Hewitt, we survey and analyze hundreds of quota-based plans and share the results with the participants. We believe that more information in the hands of more business leaders is part of the solution. What are some of the key themes we will uncover with your participation?

  • Why do companies use quotas to determine incentive pay for salespeople in the first place?
  • What are the most recent trends related to quota-setting practices?
  • What are best practices in quota-setting and how can you do it better?
  • Why are so many companies dissatisfied with their current quota-setting practices?
  • What are companies using besides quotas to motivate and reward their salespeople?

Benefits to You

The survey is administered online and requires approximately 15-20 minutes to respond.

Click here to partcipate in the Sales Quota survey.

Participate in our survey by April 18, 2013 to receive a complimentary copy of the results. For early participants, we are offering the opportunity to meet individually with one of Aon Hewitt's Sales Force Effectiveness consultants at no cost to get a personal review of the survey findings.

We appreciate you taking time to be part of this survey and look forward to helping you create a more effective sales process.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at

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