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Over the years, HR has made steady progress in its ability to support a globalizing business model and workforce. At the same time, most organizations continue to face an evolving set of challenges with respect to their HR strategy, structure and service delivery model. Aon Hewitt's HR Effectiveness consulting practice focuses on building, strengthening and improving the capabilities of HR functions like yours.

Aon Hewitt can help you accelerate results by:

  • Defining an HR service delivery model that creates value for and is aligned with your business strategy—one that offers true strategic partnering, combined with efficient and effective HR program design and delivery
  • Driving acquisition, development and retention of the right talent
  • Leveraging technology for reporting, analytics and workforce administration
  • Enabling organizational change to achieve desired outcomes

Our consultants leverage Aon Hewitt’s expertise in consulting and outsourcing across talent, retirement and health disciplines to deliver the best outcomes through holistic solutions ranging from current state assessments to implementation of a new future state design.

Aon Hewitt has a track record of success with businesses that range from a few thousand employees to some of the largest, most complex organizations in the world. From advisory services to on-the-ground consulting, our team can help you address strategy, structure, technology, program effectiveness and culture and behavior change.

HR Effectiveness Solutions

Optimize Your HR Function

  • Current state assessment
    Using HR Analyzer™ and other diagnostic methods to assess your current state to identify opportunities for improvement
  • HR service delivery model and shared services
    Designing and optimizing HR service delivery models and implementing local, regional and global HR service centers to support employee inquiries and HR administration
  • Process re-engineering
    Leveraging our leading practices to improve your end-to-end HR business processes
  • Business case
    Building the case for change and investment by defining the benefits, returns on investment, dependencies and risks

Leverage Technology More Effectively

  • HR technology strategy and selection
    Defining an HR technology strategy, managing vendor selection and identifying your system requirements
  • Workday consulting
    Partnering with Aon Hewitt's Cloud Deployment Solutions to provide advisory services to ensure your Workday deployment is successful

Accelerate Change and Enable Your Transformation

  • Change management
    Using Aon Hewitt’s Organizational Change Model to build organizationally relevant strategies to create excitement for the future, shared knowledge and understanding and drive sustainable behavior change
  • Culture alignment
    Assessing current organizational culture and developing strategies to align the culture with the desired attributes
  • Project and program management
    Using our project management methodology to effectively manage on-time and on-budget projects and mitigate project risks

Evaluate Your Reward Programs to Ensure They Meet the Needs of Your Workforce

  • Total Rewards strategy & optimization
    Helping to optimize your reward strategy and investments, including compensation, benefits, work environment, and career development programs

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