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Applicant Profile® Industrial Suite: Industrial Inspection

Applicant Profile® Industrial Suite

Industrial Inspection

Aon Hewitt’s Industrial Inspection Test is designed to measure candidates’ ability to inspect and detect differences in parts and codes similar to those typically found in industrial environments. This test targets a candidate’s attention to detail, spatial relations, and quality orientation in a time-sensitive setting.

The Industrial Inspection Test has 80 items and candidates are given five minutes to complete as many items as possible. The test contains two distinct item styles: comparing parts to a “master part” and comparing codes to a “master code.” The test requires candidates to examine a master part or master code and determine if a series of subsequent parts or codes are the same or different.

Sample Items

Example 1

Compare example parts A–C to the master part below and circle which part(s) are the same.

Master Part

Part A

Part B

Part C

Example 2

Compare example codes D–F to the master code below and circle which part(s) are the same.

Master Code


Code D

Code E

Code FM