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Assessment and Selection Applicant Profile™ Industrial Suite: Advanced Industrial Problem Solving

Applicant Profile™ Industrial Suite

Advanced Industrial Problem Solving

Aon Hewitt’s Advanced Industrial Problem Solving test is designed to measure candidates’ ability to use data and information presented in a table, chart or graph format. Specifically, candidates are required to use information to do job-related calculations to determine the correct answer.

The Advanced Industrial Problem Solving Test requires 40 minutes to complete 36 multiple-choice items. The test includes five different tables, charts or graphs, each followed by six to eight questions.

Key Features


  • Validated for use in a variety of industrial settings


  • Semiskilled or skilled industrial jobs
  • Jobs requiring applied reading skills

Skills Assessed

  • Reasoning with math
  • Basic math skills
  • Problem solving
  • Using diagrams, tables and graphs


  • Web
  • Paper

Scoring and Reporting

  • Web
  • Fax

Sample Item

Assessment and Selectoin Advanced Industrial Problem Solving Example
Example 1

What is the distance (“A”) between the centers of the two doors?

A. 6.0’
B. 7.0’
C. 8.0’
D. 12.5’
E. None of the above

Example 2

What is the total surface area of the wall shown in the drawing including the doors?

A. 24.0 square feet
B. 79.0 square feet
C. 84.0 square feet
D. 109.0 square feet
E. None of the above