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Applicant Profile Management

Aon Hewitt’s Applicant Profile Management is a robust, rapidly implemented assessment of key skills for entry- and mid-level managerial success. It has been used and validated in a variety of industries and organizations. Across a series of studies, employees who scored higher on this test were:

  • 82% more likely to be rated as “Outstanding” by their manager
  • 50% more likely to be rated as likely to be promoted
  • Almost 40% more likely to be rated as highly desirable for rehire
  • Almost 60% more likely to be evaluated as strong team leaders and team builders
  • 41% more likely to beat controllable profit targets by 25% or more

The Applicant Profile Management test can be administered via the web or paper and in both un-proctored and proctored environments. It contains 75 multiple-choice items and can be completed by most individuals in approximately 45 to 60 minutes. It measures dimensions critical to success in management, including:

  • Lead people: the ability to develop relationships with others, maintain constructive working relationships despite conflicts, and to manage and influence others as appropriate. This involves demonstrating persuasive communication skills, facilitating effective interactions with others, initiating how work should be structured, resolving interpersonal conflicts, providing clear performance feedback, fostering a team orientation, and displaying interpersonal sensitivity.
  • Manage change: the ability to effectively respond to changing priorities and demands and to embrace change with genuine enthusiasm. This involves demonstrating adaptability, creativity and innovation, resourcefulness, proactive self-development, stress tolerance, and ability to maintain composure despite challenging and dynamic circumstances.
  • Work orientation: an orientation to value and follow through on work commitments and responsibilities including maintaining a demonstrated track record of past successes and achievements. This involves demonstrating a strong desire to achieve excellence and take initiative. This also involves a desire to deliver needed results, maintain self-confidence, be consistently dependable, and demonstrate ethical behavior and integrity.

The Applicant Profile Management test asks candidates three types of questions. One type of question asks about a candidate’s experiences at work or in school. Another type of question asks candidates to describe work-related behaviors, opinions, and attitudes. The third type of question describes work situations and possible actions the candidate could take, requesting the candidate respond with the MOST and LEAST likely action to take.

Sample Items

Example 1

How much influence do you have over your coworkers or peers?

A. Little or no influence
B. Some influence
C. Moderate influence
D. Considerable influence
E. I don’t know

A candidate scoring correctly on this area will respond with option D.

Example 2

I typically set goals for others to get them to do their best.

A. Definitely true
B. Somewhat true
C. I don't know
D. Somewhat false
E. Definitely false

A candidate scoring correctly on this area will respond with option A.

Example 3

You notice that your shift supervisor, Sara, is extremely strict with people. She tells people what to do in a very direct manner and gets upset when team members don’t do as they’re told. As a result, morale is low among team members.
1) What would you be MOST likely to do?
2) What would you be LEAST likely to do?

A. Schedule Sara to work a few shifts with you and give her continuous feedback on her style.
B. Ask team members how Sara could improve.
C. Confront Sara and give her ideas about how to be friendlier.
D. Remain uninvolved so Sara and the team members can work out the problem themselves.
E. Schedule Sara for interpersonal skills training.

A candidate scoring correctly on this area would respond “A” for question 1 “D” for question 2.

Scoring Report

Quick and easy-to-read candidate Performance Reports are delivered via the web. Each performance report summarizes the candidate’s performance on the individual dimensions, as well as on the overall test. A sample scoring report for Applicant Profile Management can be found below.

Applicant Profile Management scoring report