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Assessment and Selection Applicant Profile Matrix

Applicant Profile Matrix

The Applicant Profile Matrix test is comprised of validated competencies shown to reliably predict job performance in key skills areas. This flexible testing solution takes about 45-60 minutes to complete and has been validated successfully across several studies and has demonstrated impressive results:

  • Candidates who pass the test are more than twice as likely to be rated as “Highly Effective” by their managers
  • Candidates who fail the test are over twice as likely to have their supervisors indicate they would not be suitable for rehire
  • Candidates who fail the test are over twice as likely to say they don’t enjoy the work
  • Candidates who fail the test are over three times as likely to say they are considering leaving their job
  • Candidates who pass the test sell significantly more services, creating an annual impact on the organization of $16 million more in sales per year

The Applicant Profile Matrix focuses on seven possible and primary competencies that can be efficiently used to customize the most predictive test for clients. The test contains 114 items, including bio data, Likert-type, and situational judgment items. The primary competencies, and some examples of the facet-level measurement, are provided below:

  • Customer service orientation—Items targeting customer service, influencing others, and resolving conflicts
  • Team orientation—Items targeting teamwork, interacting with others, and sensitivity to others
  • Working dependably—Items targeting valuing quality, behaving with integrity, being dependable, and following rules
  • Working productively—Items targeting being persistent, being productive, demonstrating enthusiasm and energy, demonstrating work ethic, and finding work improvements
  • Achievement orientation—Items targeting achieving goals, taking initiative, taking ownership, and working autonomously
  • Adaptability—Items targeting adapting to change, being flexible, being resourceful, emphasizing self-improvement, multitasking, and showing creativity
  • Self-management—Items targeting dealing with stress, demonstrating confidence, and maintaining composure

The Applicant Profile Matrix test asks candidates three types of questions. One type of question asks about a candidate’s experiences at work or in school. Another type of question asks candidates to describe work-related behaviors, opinions, and attitudes. The third type of question describes work situations and possible actions the candidate could take, requesting the candidate respond with the MOST and LEAST likely action to take.

Sample Items

Example 1

People say I can be counted on to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

A. Definitely true
B. Somewhat true
C. I don’t know
D. Somewhat false
E. Definitely false

Candidates who respond correctly to the question will select option A.

Example 2

How often do you switch between tasks at your most recent job?

A. Once a day
B. Several times a day
C. Many times a day
D. Many times an hour
E. I have never had a job

Candidates who respond correctly to the question will select option D.

Example 3

A coworker says that he won’t be at work tomorrow because he is starting a new job somewhere else. He lied to the manager by saying that he would be at work. There are not enough employees working tomorrow. What would you be MOST likely to do?

A. Get ready to work extra hard tomorrow.
B. Explain to the team member that not coming to work will make it hard for everyone else.
C. Call other team members to see if anyone else can work tomorrow.
D. Let my manager know.
E. I don't know what I’d do.

Candidates who respond correctly to the question will select option D.

Scoring Report

Quick an easy-to-read candidate performance reports are delivered via the web. Each performance report summarizes the candidate’s performance on the individual dimensions, as well as on the overall test.

Applicant Profile Matrix scoring report