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Computerized Adaptive Testing

Computerized Adaptive Testing

Secure, Fast, and Cost-Effective

The Latest Advance in Unproctored Testing

Identifying the right candidates for hire is a real challenge, and well designed pre-employment tests help many companies dramatically improve their hiring results. However, in today’s fast paced environment conducting in-person testing is not always viable, and while organizations continue to move towards unproctored tests, those assessments increase the likelihood of cheating. Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) significantly reduces this risk and provides several additional benefits as well.

CAT is currently used in college entrance exams (such as the GRE) and state licensing exams. With CAT, employers can pinpoint candidate skill levels in unproctored settings more quickly than ever before. Rather than delivering a set of pre-determined items to test takers, CAT determines a candidate’s skill level by using a library of validated items and sophisticated mathematical algorithms. The method dynamically combines test taker information (such as which items they have answered correctly) with information about items in the library to deliver only those items that most quickly and efficiently determine ability level. Non-CAT tests give the same questions to each test taker, and do not make use of the data gleaned from previous test responses or historical item performance–using all of this available information via CAT, results in quicker and more accurate decision-making.

Key Advantages

  • Secure–Virtually every candidate gets a unique string of test items from a large item pool, so the integrity of the test is much less likely to be compromised
  • Quick and convenient–Each candidate spends less time testing because each item is matched to their estimated ability, resulting in fewer delivered items. In addition, candidatescan take the test online.
  • Unproctored–The costs associated with monitoring and hosting test sessions are eliminated.
  • Accurate–Each test is tailored, allowing for accurate estimates of both cognitive and non-cognitive knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Self-sustaining–Content can be refreshed by calibrating experimental items with live candidates.

Our Approach

Working with Aon Hewitt Industrial-Organizational Psychologists provides you with a service focused experience. We consult with our clients, forming partnerships that serve in a flexible manner. Implementing assessment solutions in some organizations is a challenging task that can have rippling change management implications. Our client focused perspective walks you through each step of a new selection process.

Aon Hewitt's doctorate-level, industrial and organizational psychologists partner with clients to help differentiate good from great employees. Whether you need a customized solution or one that is ready-to-launch, we have the right level of support that can best suits your workplace needs.