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How Competitive Are Your Benefits?

How Competitive Are Your Benefits?

Aon Hewitt’s Benefit Index is the premier tool for benchmarking the competitive value of your organization’s benefit programs. We have one of the largest and most up-to-date databases of benefit plan design information to help you compare your benefits to a select group of comparator companies. With Benefit Index you have access to our online interactive tools at no additional cost.

Benefit Index Online allows you to compare your organization's benefits with your peer group of companies and generate graphic illustrations that can be used in your presentations.

Benefit SpecSelect™ is an internet based tool that provides quick and easy benefit comparisons with any organization in our database.

You'll receive answers to such critical questions as:

  • What is the competitive value of your benefits?
  • What are leading employers doing with their benefits?
  • What percentage of the market is moving to consumer-driven health care plans?

Take Your Benefit Index Report to the Next Level!

You can supplement your Benefit Index report with additional scenarios or comparisons to the "Best Employers" or the Fortune companies. There are many great opportunities to explore additional comparisons to supplement your report.

Getting Started Is Easy

Simply email us at, or call Debbie Hildenbrand at 847.442.3082. Our actuaries will prepare, write, and present your organization’s individualized report, as well as be available to answer all your questions.

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