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Leadership Development & Assessment

Leadership Development & Assessment

By identifying and developing high-potential leaders, our clients are able to compete in a competitive, global economy, and manage their business effectively in both fast-growing and slow economic conditions.

Leadership Development

Aon Leadership Consulting attracts, identifies, develops, and coaches high-potential talent, from entry-level supervisors to boardroom executives. Our award-winning, web-based leadership assessment provides in-depth skill measurement and detailed developmental results. Our leadership development workshops are rated three times more effective than others in the industry, with proven results in improving leaders’ knowledge, competence and confidence.

Aon Hewitt’s leadership development solutions:

  • Help organizations improve their global leadership bench-strength and quickly build a strong leadership pipeline. Through our leadership development programs, target employees have improved scores on leadership competencies, increasing leadership performance ratings by nearly 20 percent.
  • Increase leadership retention by approximately 85 percent.
  • Help leaders perform better on the metrics that matter, such as three times higher customer service scores, 13 percent more sales, 67 percent fewer team terminations, and 3% lower costs.
  • Reduce the organization’s administration costs by 50 percent through the use of virtual and remote solutions.

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Leadership Assessment

For nearly 15 years Aon Hewitt’s LEADeR® suite of assessment tools has provided a robust, cost-effective, easily-tailored approach to assessing leadership capability and potential including:

  • Identifying individual contributors for selection into front-line leadership
  • Assessing high potential leaders to support accelerated development
  • Evaluating the adequacy of leadership capability for talent and succession planning
  • Selecting internal and external candidates at all leadership levels

For more information about Aon Hewitt's LEADeR® suite of assessment tools, please visit

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