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People Analytics

At Aon we see two types of People Analytics

  • Analytics that drive improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the business of HR
  • Analytics that leverage business and HR data to enable enhanced business performance through people

HR Performance

We work with clients to provide a full suite of descriptive and predictive analytics that improve HR Performance such as Pay Equity Analysis, insights on retention of high-performers, connecting pay to performance, etc. However, HR Analytics often ends at the boundary of the HR function. Given that the HR function is typically a small, low cost function, while people represent one of the biggest costs and largest opportunities in most organizations; this leaves a huge gap and untapped opportunity.

Business Performance: Matching Human Capital to Financial Capital

Savvy leaders understand that connecting human and financial capital will unlock the potential to optimize revenue growth through talent. Aon’s research has shown that organizations that cultivate talent and measure performance increase their operating income by an average of 120 percent over a five-year period.

To be relevant, HR must reach beyond its borders and connect business data with HR data. Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics will result in job functions being transformed over the next 10-20 years. People will have to be much more flexible and understanding their behaviors will be a key to the next horizon of business strategy. To drive next generation strategy and performance, HR and business leaders need to reach beyond current processes and link behavior and environment to current market opportunity and risk. At the heart of this journey sits people analytics, which connect human capital to financial capital to give leaders a deeper understanding of how to engage, acquire, and manage talent in order to unlock potential and drive business strategy. The result is a human capital transformation, powered by analytics.

Data is What Sets Aon’s People Analytics Apart

Aon is uniquely positioned to leverage our data assets and expertise to lead the new and rapidly evolving market for people analytics and support our clients in maximizing their return on human capital investments. We already provide our clients with trusted insights based on our benchmark and proprietary data encompassing more than 100 million employees across various data sources including compensation, engagement, assessment, health and benefits, risk, and business performance.

We leverage Aon data, client data, and public data to help companies make a direct connection between the performance of their people and the performance of their business—and then draw actionable plans to optimize business outcomes. Our mission is to leverage our data to empower our clients to create a portfolio of analytics linking people to growth, risk, and cost. While other organizations provide similar services, they lack the sheer multitude of data and knowledge that makes Aon’s offering significant and transformational.

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