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Talent Insight and Analytics

Talent Insight and Analytics

Understand Your HR Data to Make Fact-Based Decisions

The time has come to match the intuition and experience of HR professionals with actionable data. But it’s not easy to bring together all the different data surrounding your people and business performance. It can often be overwhelming to figure out what the data is saying, and the ability to tell stories through numbers is a skill that’s new to the HR function. These challenges are further complicated by trying to determine the right level of investment and support for your unique HR analytics story.

We can help you navigate that.

Aon Hewitt’s Solution

Our Talent Insight and Analytics solution can help your organization better understand your HR data and adopt fact-based decision making to create more effective people, compensation and career development strategies. As a comprehensive suite of services, our solution includes access to our expert talent consultants, who work directly with you to align your specific business issues with human capital metrics. Together, we’ll develop a roadmap for implementing an analytics-based HR strategy.

The solution is simple:

  • We provide up-front business consulting to help you understand what is important to measure, and how to get there with your data and technology investments. We also help you understand how ready your organization is for HR metrics, which results in a change and coaching program to drive adoption.
  • In partnership with Visier, a leader in workforce analytics and planning, we can deploy a cloud solution to bring together the workforce data from all your sources and transform it into valuable insight.
  • Implemented and rolled out in less than eight weeks, your organization has access to hundreds of workforce metrics and analytics detailing workforce behaviors, employee recruitment, promotion and turnover.
  • Working closely with Aon Hewitt, you can then use these analytics to create, analyze and collaborate on actionable, optimized HR strategies tailored to your unique workforce.

With the Talent Insight and Analytics solution, you also have access to the team of data scientists in Aon Hewitt’s Center for Innovation and Analytics, who can conduct additional research, provide complex data analyses and create actionable strategies for you. And if desired, we’ll provide ongoing support for metrics monitoring, as well as coaching and consulting advice for HR leaders.

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