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Aon Hewitt is your solutions expert in talent strategy.

Talent Strategy, Acquisition, and Management

With increased competition, changing workforce demographics, talent shortages and increased globalization, many organizations are now proactively studying leadership, demographic, and economic trends to prepare for their future workforce needs. HR departments are developing comprehensive workforce plans and talent management strategies centered on attracting, assessing, selecting, engaging, and retaining talent.

Talent Strategy

Aon Hewitt’s human capital strategy consultants are experts at the management of human capital, from talent alignment and workforce planning to HR optimization strategies. Our strategies support business objectives, and create processes, tools, and cultures that attract, motivate, engage and retain strong, high-potential talent.

Services include:

  • Human resources functional assessment – optimizing the HR function
  • Talent attraction/retention assessment – mitigating or eliminating the root causes of ‘”talent leaks”
  • Total rewards alignment – ensuring compensation, benefits, and retirement programs work to further an organization’s goals
  • Workforce planning – anticipating workforce needs, based on skill level, costs, availability, deployment, and effectiveness, so that our clients always have optimal staffing

Workforce Planning

We help organizations anticipate future workforce needs, so that our clients have optimal staffing to ensure sustainability. Our focus is on more than just the numbers of employees. We also conduct a comprehensive gap analysis of clients’ current and future skill sets, based on a business’s long-term goals and economic realities, to forecast future supply and demand. The workforce characteristics may include age, location, income, experience, competencies, education, costs, availability, and effectiveness.

We help clients:

  • Improve accuracy of workforce planning by up to 5 percent for ongoing operations, and up to 33 percent for new businesses
  • Identify talent gaps and reduce anticipated vacancy rates by up to 70 percent
  • Improve cost-effectiveness of overall human capital spend, typically by 2 to 3 percent

Talent Acquisition and Processing

Having the right talent – employees with the right mix of abilities and attributes – is the result of well-planned recruitment strategy and competency modeling; focused recruitment processing; and the application of legally defensible talent assessments. As one of the industry’s leaders in recruitment and selection, Aon Consulting offers a full spectrum of talent management & acquisition solutions to ensure that clients hire the right people at the right time.

Aon Hewitt sources and selects the right people faster...people who stay longer and deliver outstanding productivity.

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