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Employee Advocacy Services for Employer-Sponsored Benefits

Employee Advocacy Services for Employer-Sponsored Benefits

Experience the expertise to navigate a complex landscape of health and wellness

Today’s health care environment is more complicated than ever. From changes in legislation and health delivery to new treatment options, medications, and ever-growing evidence of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, it’s nearly impossible for one person to develop a workable understanding of it all. That’s why Aon assembled a team of experienced and caring professionals to help your employees navigate the complex landscape of health and wellness. In handing their worries over to Advocacy Services, your employees are empowered to focus on their core work responsibilities. The result is a more productive workforce, increased utilization of benefit programs, and reduced burden on your HR department.

Our compassionate Advocates are highly-skilled administrative and clinical professionals who are genuinely committed to helping your employees with their health and wellness needs. And you feel good, knowing your employees are receiving the guidance they need to tend to their health, achieve their wellness goals, and maintain or enhance their work productivity.

Aon's Advocates provide your employees with the best clinical and administrative outcomes to:

Increase awareness of employer benefit, clinical, wellness, and mental health programs
Locate best-in-class, most cost-effective medical facilities and doctors, and assist in scheduling appointments with sought-after specialists
Educate participants on diagnoses, preparation for medical visits, treatment plan and alternatives, and drug side-effects
Resolve complex benefit claims issues, coordinating resolution across participant, plan providers, and collection agencies
Support coordination or transition of care

Employee Health: A Key Business Objective

Nothing is more important to a business than the health and wellbeing of its workforce. Give your employees access to peace of mind, issue resolution, and health education with Aon Advocacy Services, your partner in good health and good business.

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