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Aon Hewitt's Advocacy Services team takes care of your HR department and employees by providing unique, high touch solutions to a variety of business and employee-specific issues. We do this by offering personal navigation of challenging health and retirement benefit issues to individual employees. Our team of highly trained advocates helps identify, navigate and resolve a variety of issues by clarifying employee requests to carriers and clarifying plan rules to employees. We also offer medical clinicians who help employees become informed health care consumers, better prepared to seek optimal treatment solutions.

Employees often find it confusing to sort out the complexity of today's health care and benefit plans, not to mention the confusion around medical diagnoses and treatment protocols. They need information on access to care and claims issues from medical to vision, prescription drugs to Medicare. Sometimes employees turn to HR for help in addressing these complicated and time-consuming problems, putting more pressure on an already lean HR staff. Other times, employees leave troubling issues unresolved simply because they're reluctant to share sensitive health information with HR out of fear that the information might affect an employment decision. Aon Hewitt's Advocacy Services help solve these issues.

We provide advocacy for nearly 4 million participants at a wide variety of client organizations. Advocacy Services help employers:

  • Reduce the time HR staff spends on escalated issues
  • Operate within HIPAA's privacy rules and eliminate perceptions that an employee's health problems could factor into employment decisions
  • Lessen employee frustration in resolving issues and increase satisfaction and appreciation of benefit plans
  • Resolve issues within the plan's ERISA-compliant deadlines by which employees must file claims
  • Improve employee productivity by helping them resolve distracting plan-related problems
  • Identify trends and track health plan performance

Aon Hewitt advocates are experienced in claims processing and knowledgeable about provider billing practices, medical terminology and accepted industry standards. We have escalated contacts at insurance companies and use those contacts to get fast resolution. Our goal is 24-hour resolution for critical issues and five-day resolution for noncritical issues. The turnaround time is often affected by responses from third parties—but even in those situations, our Advocates provide consistent follow-up to ensure the fastest resolution possible.

Advocacy Services also provide detailed reporting that helps employers identify the root cause of recurring issues that may indicate a need for comprehensive plan adjustments. Reporting can also measure the impact of recurring issues and measure how much time and money companies saved as a result of making adjustments. Additionally, reporting can measure the increase of employee satisfaction levels as a result of Advocacy Services. These are only a few of the issues our reporting may address.

Aon Hewitt's Advocacy Services include:

  • Passionate, highly trained professionals with extensive medical, claims and customer service experience
  • Enabling/assisting with access to prescription drugs and other company-provided benefits
  • Research and resolution of billing issues and unpaid claims
  • Referrals to doctors and hospitals as well as health and wellness programs
  • Explanations of additional coverage options such as Medicare
  • Education for annual enrollment choices in employer and Medicare plans
  • Facilitation of second opinions when needed

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