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Aon Hewitt’s most recent Human Capital Institute Talent Practices Maturity Study showed that 83% of respondents said that HR reports workforce metrics to senior management on a regular basis. However, only 10% said that they employ metrics to gauge the effectiveness of workforce management practices consistently across their organization and only 7% consistently use metrics to align human capital investments with business results.

Why would a business assume so much risk by not aligning HR data with strategic decisions on how to make best use of their talent? Without the right tools, workforce data can feel more like a burden than a strategic asset to HR. Some automated reports may produce reams of data but can feel disconnected from the business without the appropriate context. Too often, transforming raw data into actionable business intelligence for executives requires hours of manual data collection and formatting. Assuming the data reaches the real decision makers in the business (which doesn’t always happen), the quality of the data can be called into question if the process of generating the numbers is not completely transparent. That mistrust of the data can lead to decisions based on hunches and anecdotes rather than facts.

Aon Hewitt’s Executive Workforce Analytics (EWA) solution draws upon our deep expertise with HR data, strategy and reporting and is engineered to help HR leaders deliver greater value to the business to manage their workforce more competitively. The result is a fully hosted, user-friendly solution that enables HR professionals and business executives to quickly identify workforce trends, share key insights and leverage the power of HR data to solve business problems.

We aggregate your HR data sources into a centralized, Aon Hewitt-hosted HR analytics engine that users access through an intuitive, web-based portal. Aon Hewitt will configure the EWA solution around strategically important HR challenges the business wants to address in order to develop predefined analytics that are accessible across a broad group of business leaders. Some examples of business challenges EWA addresses are:

  • How do new hire salaries compare to market and those of terminated and existing employees?
  • Are there revealing patterns in turnover?
  • Where is the organization buying vs. building talent?
  • Is the organization becoming top heavy?

You don’t even have to be an Aon Hewitt BPO client to enjoy these extraordinary service offerings. We can work with any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system you have in place and get you up and running quickly so that you can begin analyzing your organization’s HR data trends without having to support new software.

2011 Human Resources Reporting and Analytics Priorities Survey