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Whether an organization strives for a "best-in-class" employer benefit offerings or prefers a more basic program, Aon Hewitt offers a variety of health, benefit and compensation services that will enhance employees' appreciation and usage of company-provided programs, leading to increased attraction and retention.

Some of the currently available solutions include:

Gateway Benefits/HR Portal

A pay, benefits and wellness portal that provides employees with a personalized view of relevant information, seamless access to transactions and modeling and a simplified user experience that serves as a one-stop communication platform.

Finding information about pay, benefits and wellness programs can be time consuming and confusing for employees. Organizations have good intentions about providing employees with the information they need, but often struggle to present it in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Depending on the organization, there could be a half dozen or more plan-specific sites administered in-house or by third parties that employees need to access to gain a comprehensive view of available benefits. Often these sites are not connected, require separate logins and provide employees with too much information, forcing them to self-edit.

Aon Hewitt's Gateway Benefits/HR Portal is designed to bring separate platforms together and aggregate data onto a single site, making it easy for employees to find relevant information, better understand, utilize their programs and enable seamless action taking.

Employers and their employees recognize the benefits of this single portal solution:

  • Simplified user experience: This one-stop shop provides a personalized entry point into pay, benefits and wellness information.
  • Personalized communication: The site can be targeted, making it more relevant for every employee, as well as more effectively driving behaviors that support company strategies.
  • Flexible, scalable technology: The Gateway is flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization. The portal can be as simple as one page or a comprehensive resource with dozens of resource pages and an abundance of information.
  • Easier participation with existing programs: Having a single point of entry gives employees a total overview of all their pay, benefits and wellness program information. The single sign-on makes it easy to understand and engage in all available options at one time and in one place.

Key Features of Gateway Benefits/HR Portal:

  • Personalized and targeted communications: Provides employees with personalized information, along with robust educational content, interactive modeling and segmented messaging.
  • Aggregated account information: Offers employees a comprehensive view of their accounts to better understand and appreciate all their benefits.
  • Flexible architecture and presentation: Allows creation of customized architecture, page layouts, branding, site name and more to meet the branding and communications needs of any organization and the specific benefit programs offered.
  • Single password sign-on: Simplifies employees' lives by requiring only one password to access all in-house and third-party benefit providers.
  • Robust content and updates: Provides the capabilities for your organization to author its own content and provide frequent site updates.
  • Integrated total rewards: Integrates a personalized total reward statement into the solution to help companies gain more traction for total rewards.

Total Rewards Solutions

Millions are spent each year on health and retirement benefits, paid time off, ongoing education and training, opportunities for career growth and more. However, do your employees truly understand all that's being offered—or the real value of those programs?

Aon Hewitt's Your Total Rewards solution is a comprehensive, online approach that provides employees and candidates with a real-time, up-to-date view of their rewards. This innovative, market-leading platform makes personalized information available any time, from any computer with an Internet connection.

The solution offers:

  • Personalization—Communicates different messages to different audiences, from candidates to hourly workers, senior managers, executives and other audiences that are important to you
  • Branding—Integrates with your own graphics, images and site name
  • Rich content—Provides detailed information on all types of rewards and benefits, presented in a format you choose
  • Interactive features—Includes state-of-the-art tools such as modeling, real-time stock feeds and more

Our basic Your Total Rewards solution educates employees and candidates about the total annual value of the rewards you provide them. Our comprehensive solution provides another, deeper level of detail to help employees gain a thorough understanding of what's offered and assist them in taking action to maximize the value of their rewards. Either way, employees can easily see the value of the employment relationship to their careers, families, retirement, wealth accumulation and lifestyles.

The Your Total Rewards website also handles multiple languages and currencies to show each employee's personal values in the most meaningful way.

A large number of market-leading companies use Aon Hewitt's Your Total Rewards to effectively communicate the value of their programs to millions of employees annually.