Human Resources

Our Approach

A Workday partner with an expert HR and Finance point of view

As technology merges with HR and Finance, new horizons open up for HR and Finance departments to deliver better services and greater business value. With these new capabilities also comes a greater risk of pitfalls if that technology isn’t being driven by an informed perspective.

That’s why Aon Hewitt applies our HR and Finance experience to every Workday solution. From planning to deployment to post-build operation and optimization, our solutions are informed by our strong point of view. The result is solutions that function better, transfer risk, deliver stronger data, and take your HR team—and your company—further. Simple, powerful, proven: that’s the power of our future-minded approach.

Simple Powerful Proven


With our global infrastructure, Aon Hewitt can elevate your HR and Finance services with ease. Our delivery model is flexible and designed to fill the gaps wherever needed. Intuitive technology solutions, a focus on the customer experience, and proprietary configurations automatically set our solutions at a high benchmark.


Aon Hewitt’s delivery model is based on scale and leverages our global expertise. No matter how specific or limited your needs may be, every client reaps the benefits of our end-to-end experience. Aon Hewitt offers you an on-demand resource for the specialized skills needed to excel in the Workday paradigm. And we do it with predictable fee structures that help you maximize your investment and avoid unnecessary costs.


With years of HR and Finance expertise under our belt and more than 230 Workday deployments worldwide, Aon Hewitt is a global leader in Workday solutions. Not only do we have the experience to ensure that your project goes smoothly and your data is trustworthy, but we also guarantee risk transference through strict service level agreements. We promise our clients we will deliver—and we do.