Human Resources

Comprehensive Solution Options


Let our Cloud Solutions team help you determine how our unique future-minded approach can help

Wherever you are in your Workday journey, Aon Hewitt has the expertise and solutions to bring the power of the cloud to your human capital on the ground. All of our solutions, however focused, benefit from our end-to-end experience. Whether you are just starting on a plan to implement Workday or your company is already live, we can help wherever and whenever you need support. We work with you to help you optimize your investment, meet your goals, and elevate your results.

Design Build Operate

A flexible spectrum of Workday solutions

Whether you need a certified deployment partner to get you live on Workday, assistance to stabilize your ongoing support team, project-based or ongoing tenant support, or some combination thereof, our future-minded approach to Workday gives you access to resources that look at Workday through an HR and Finance lens.

They don’t just execute a plan, they partner with you to ensure the plan has desirable impacts and outcomes. No matter the size of the project, or level of our involvement, our clients benefit from the fact that we provide ongoing operations and service delivery to over 16 Workday clients and have deployed our HR POV copy of Workday for many, many more.


Things to look for in your Workday partner:

  • Does your partner have the HR, Finance, and change-management expertise to positively impact your transformation?
  • Does your partner have experience operating Workday, and can they leverage those experiences to your benefit?
  • Can your partner offer post-deployment operate services that meet you where you are, are robust, flexible, and efficiently designed for the ever-changing world of Workday?

Our Workday partnership

Aon Hewitt is committed to continually evolving our Workday solutions. We are the only Workday partner with comprehensive Workday solution options, from design through implementation and operation.

In 2012, we acquired OmniPoint, a leading Workday deployment partner and in 2015 we acquired Kloud, the largest Workday partner in EMEA. Our team includes global certified experts who have deployed Workday for more than 230 customers across 150 countries. Our team is 100-percent trained, focused, and experienced in Workday’s latest offerings. Aon Hewitt’s multi-client delivery model gives clients the best of SaaS’s scale and leverage, and our proprietary HR portal complements Workday’s interface for a completely integrated solution.