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The Modern Call Center: Where Only the Strongest Survive


May 24, 2017 | by Eleni Lobene & Tara Johnson

The modern call center environment is challenging. Breaks are limited. Hours are long. The number of customer interactions per day can be staggering. And, although it’s all on the phone, service should be provided with a smile… or at least a positive attitude. After all, call center representatives are the face of the organization and yield significant influence over the customer:

Given the influence that call center workers have over an organization’s success, it is critical to have dedicated employees; however, the numbers don’t lie: it’s hard to find good call center employees… and perhaps even harder to keep them.

This is unfortunate since hiring is expensive and training is typically extensive.

So, what’s a call center to do? Aon Hewitt recommends intervening at the beginning of the employee lifecycle – or arguably – before it even begins! We have found that strong, empirically-based employee selection practices can greatly improve the quality of hiring and thereby increase positive business outcomes. Many of our clients choose to implement pre-hire testing to reap these benefits. You see, call centers may be challenging environments, but they can be a great fit for certain people. The key is to find those matches early on, and as often as possible, so that everyone wins!

To meet this consistent and growing need, Aon Hewitt is now launching the brand new, next generation of REPeValutor®, an interactive simulation that serves as a day-in-the-life experience in a futuristic call center. Aon’s scientists have leveraged decades of research on the award-winning REPeValuator to create this modern, engaging, and sleek version. Want more information? Visit our website at:

Screenshots from the software interface:

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