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Checked in or Check Out: Hiring for Hospitality


Jun 20, 2017 | by Chad C. Parson, PhD.

Want to learn about what hospitable hospitality selection and development looks like all over the world? Well then, you need look no further.

Keeping up in the hospitality industry is not easy. It’s constantly evolving, forcing organizations to either adapt or fall behind. In an attempt to keep up with the fast-paced and bespoke world of hotels, one hospitality brand decided it was time to redesign their talent assessment. However, the redesign was far from easy. The brand suffered from using multiple assessment vendors and tests that didn’t have a unified feel. Additionally, the assessments weren’t providing the brand the level of meaningful value and return on investment desired.

So the brand turned to Aon because of its proven track record of excellence, its outstanding suite of off-the-shelf and custom assessment products, and its deep investments in client partnerships. Aon’s goal was to help the company to supercharge, streamline, and simplify the assessment process for all of their associates around the world.

About the Brand

  • More than 375,000 associates at 6000 locations in 122 countries worldwide…and continuing to grow exponentially
  • Thirty plus different hotel brands that span luxury, lifestyle, bespoke, and core value markets
  • More than 2 million applicants each year, applying for jobs in 28 languages
Shifting Gears and Streamlining the Assessment Process

Aon partnered with the brand’s corporate talent team and global talent acquisition leaders to become experts in the field of hospitality assessment. The Aon team immersed themselves into the hospitality world, learning its lingo, the company’s global culture, and most importantly, what differentiates good candidates from the rest across a diverse range of locations and property types. The Aon team’s dedication and commitment to the continuing success of the brand instilled the confidence needed to consolidate all of the brand’s assessment needs onto Aon’s G.A.T.E.® and LEADeR® platforms, providing effective and engaging assessments at all levels of the organization.

The Brand’s Assessment Needs
  • The ability to assess talent efficiently, effectively, and accurately across a wide range of jobs, all using one integrated platform
  • A suite of elegant and uniquely designed assessments that complement the brand
  • Flexible, scalable, and future proofed assessment capability
  • Easy to use candidate reports that provide hiring managers with the right level of detail needed to make good hiring decisions at all levels of the organization
Aon’s Broad, Unified Assessment Solution
  • Company branded Executive, Management, and Hourly assessment suites that include:
  • An immersive “Day in the Life” simulation
  • Adaptive personality and cognitive assessments
  • Situational judgment inventories and biodata assessments
  • A developmental assessment program for Executives comprised of ADEPT-15® and a custom 360
  • Audio enabled assessments for Hourly jobs where literacy is not a critical requirement
  • Assessment sustainability programs that provide longevity and support for the organization’s future assessment needs

  • The Result
    The assessment solutions the Aon team developed in partnership with the brand provide far reaching benefits that include:

  • Hiring employees who are more likely to have strong cognitive skills, to receive high performance ratings from their manager, and to be recognized by customers as providing great service
  • Lower overall assessment cost, better return on investment, and simplified administrative operations
  • Flexible and scalable assessment and scoring capabilities that will adapt as the company’s needs evolve
  • Assessment suites that are designed to remain cutting edge for years to come
  • An engaging, interactive, and enjoyable experience for candidates
Check out our assessment offerings for ADEPT-15, Adaptive Profile Reasoning®, and LEADeR to further understand how Aon assessments can infuse a little hospitality, and a lot of power into your selection process.



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