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Announcing an Aon Global Best Employer: IHG


Aug 3, 2017 | by Don MacPherson

Elite results require extraordinary talent. In the 21st century, this is an absolute certainty. Never in human history have employees been as creative, productive, and valuable than right now. This is why Aon created our Best Employers program. We want to acknowledge organizations that understand the power of their people and are committed to providing an environment where those employees can thrive

We recognize Best Employers at the country level, in five regions around the world, and on that rare occasion we recognize a Global Best Employer – this is an organization that provides a consistently positive work environment on a global scale. It is with pride that my colleagues and I within Aon’s Global Culture & Engagement practice can announce that IHG® (InterContinental Hotels Group) is just the second company to achieve Aon’s Global Best Employers status.

To attain Aon’s Global Best Employers status, organizations are evaluated on four indices – Employee Engagement, Leadership, Performance Culture, and Employer Brand. They must reach top quartile results in each of those indices compared with Aon’s global employee research database. They must also reach regional Best Employers status in at least two of the five regions.

In addition to achieving Global Best Employers status, IHG has been awarded regional Best Employers accreditation for Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Africa, as well as in 46 countries – from Austria and Australia to Vietnam and Vanuatu.

According to Aon research, reaching Aon Best Employers status pays off not only with customers and clients who are more delighted and loyal. When compared to other organizations, Aon Best Employers on average have:

incremental operating profit

Four percentage points per year more incremental operating profit

staff turnover

33% lower staff turnover


33% more internal promotions

sales growth

Six percentage points per year more incremental sales growth

To the thousands of employees at IHG around the world, congratulations on this important achievement. Ken Oehler, Aon’s Global Culture & Engagement Practice Leader, summarized it best when he said "being recognized as an Aon Global Best Employer is a significant accomplishment for IHG. IHG has an advantage over other employers through a culture of engagement that attracts, retains and accelerates extraordinary talent all over the world."

To learn more about Aon’s Best Employers program, please reach out to me directly at or click on Best Employers.