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Meet Eleni Lobene

Meet Eleni Lobene


Dec 21, 2016 | by Eleni Lobene

Eleni is an Associate Consultant in Assessment & Leadership’s Research & Innovation group. Eleni has been with Aon Hewitt since November 2014 and specializes in technology-enhanced assessment development – particularly high fidelity and highly engaging work simulations.

Eleni came to Aon Hewitt from academia where she focused on game-based learning and intelligent-tutoring system research. Eleni spends her free time (attempting) doing Cross Fit and hanging out with her husband and three young children. We interviewed Eleni and thought you might like to get to know her a bit better, too:

What drew you to Aon?
When I entered the job market I researched a lot of organizations and even interviewed several places. Aon really struck me as a place with incredibly supportive leadership, really contagious energy, tons of opportunity
for challenge and growth, and – frankly – unparalleled flexibility. I believe the people make the place – and trust me, Aon Hewitt has great people.

What are you passionate about?
I have very diverse interests. I love personality and measurement, of course. I am passionate about
developing new, innovative methods of assessment and
few things energize me more than being a part of exciting research. Aon Hewitt has allowed me to drive some of the most interesting and promising research initiatives
I’ve been able to work on, to date! I am also interested in issues of work-life integration, how employee attitudes and organizational policies drive critical work outcomes, and
leadership development. I hope to see some of these topics
represented on this blog in the future.

We know you are a huge fan of Aon Hewitt’s ADEPT-15 personality assessment! What are your top two personality aspects?
Liveliness and mastery. I think most folks who know me would agree with those results! I love being around other people and see every challenge – especially at work – as an opportunity to develop and grow. ADEPT-15 has actually really facilitated a lot of personal exploration for me! I’ve learned quite a lot about myself through the ADEPT-15 certification process and while having the opportunity to work on the assessment

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