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The 2013 Consumer Health Mindset

The 2013 Consumer Health Mindset


Turn Good Intentions into Great Outcomes

Looking for ways to get the people in your organization healthier? If so, you are not alone. Business and HR leaders across the country are looking for ways to motivate their “consumers”— employees as well as family members in their health plans—to engage in healthier actions. Why?

  • First, there are costs. Health care insurance and claims costs continue to rise at unaffordable rates. Meanwhile, organizations have exhausted most, if not all, of the foundational strategies that can minimize cost increases while staying competitive in the marketplace for talent.
  • Then, there is performance. The real price employers pay for health goes well beyond direct health care costs. A workforce in better health performs at higher levels because employees are gone fewer days from work, are more productive when they are there and enjoy stronger levels of engagement.

So what is left? It is behaviors. Research shows there are eight human behaviors, all of which can be modified, that lead to 15 chronic conditions that account for 80% of all health care costs. Bottom line: Better behaviors. Better health. Better outcomes.

The Consumer Mindset Study

Aon Hewitt partnered with The National Business Group on Health and The Futures Company to conduct our annual Consumer Health Mindset study. This study explores perspectives, attitudes and behaviors that employees and dependents hold toward health and health care as they interact with their employer-sponsored health plans and wellness programs.
The findings are presented within the framework of actionable items for employers and organized around the four areas that are most critical to the execution of a successful health program:

  • Improving health and workforce performance;
  • Engaging participants;
  • Designing with intent; and
  • Reducing unnecessary expense

Our learnings will help you better understand consumers’ unique health attitudes, motivators and daily barriers to the most common and emerging employer health and wellness strategies. We bring it all together into actions you can take to harness the consumer health mindset, benefiting both you and your people by turning their Good Intentions into Great Outcomes.

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