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Impact of Economic Conditions on 2008/2009 Compensation Spending

Original Webcast date: December 9, 2008

In October's survey and Webcast, Hewitt noted that a number of respondents were waiting until November to make decisions on changes to their '09 compensation budgets.

In an effort to identify those decisions, and gather additional variable pay and severance information, an enhanced survey was conducted, and these results were conveyed in this new complimentary Webcast.

What are some of these survey's high-level findings and what do they mean for your organization? Listen to the replay of the Webcast recorded on December 9, 2008, to hear about this survey and some potential strategies for dealing with compensation issues during this difficult economic time.

Click here to launch the replay of the Hewitt Webcast, "Impact of Economic Conditions on 2008/2009 Compensation Spending".