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Executive Compensation: Say on Pay — Lessons from the Front

Original Webcast Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As you know, within the U.S., several "say on pay" provisions recently became required as part of the Financial Regulatory reform act, and corporations based within the UK and certain other European countries instituted similar provisions up to eight years ago.

These are developments that we have been monitoring closely at a global and national level for some time. This Webcast will help you learn about the implications these provisions will have on your organization and how you should plan for them. You'll hear from some of our leading North American and European experts, and they will share with you:

  • What the provisions will require you to do and not do
  • How these provisions have been addressed in Europe where say on pay has been in effect and what they have created
  • Our predictions on how other shareholder groups (e.g. RiskMetrics, Glass-Lewis, institutional investors) will respond and push these provisions further
  • How you should prepare a workable compensation communications plan for your key shareholders

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