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Aon Hewitt 2013 Health Care Survey

Aon Hewitt 2013 Health Care Survey

The U.S. health care marketplace has been and remains incredibly dynamic. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay. Health care delivery systems are moving from primarily group environments to an individual consumer approach. The focus on employee health continues with employers connecting with employees whenever and wherever they need to empower health ownership.

Data Points to Improving Workforce Health as Key to Better Results

Employer responses to Aon Hewitt’s yearly health care survey confirm that health and workforce performance, wellness, prevention and health risks are front and center in the minds of HR leaders.

  • #1 desired outcome is to increase participation in wellness, health improvement/disease management programs
  • #1 challenge is motivating participants to promote behavior change
  • #1 priority for the next 3 – 5 years is to offer incentives or disincentives to motivate sustained health care behavior change

How will employers motivate employees to change?

Every facet of the current health care mindset is focused on improving healthy-living behaviors – from plans designed with intent to engagement incentives to a heightened interest and investment in health and performance programs. Learn more about how employers are using incentives as a strategic part of their health care plan.

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