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2012 Retiree Health Care Survey

2012 Retiree Health Care Survey


The Evolution of Retiree Health Care Strategy Post-Health Care Reform

Health care reform introduces both challenges and opportunities for entities sponsoring retiree health care programs, creating the impetus for change. Facilitated by the legislation, plan sponsors are finding that new strategies can create significant and immediate savings opportunities for both plan sponsors and retirees, and allow plan sponsors to effectively reposition their retiree health care programs for the future.

If plan sponsors have not already done so, the time is now to review current retiree health care strategies and consider alternatives that better support cost and risk management objectives, while continuing to support key retiree benefit commitments. This survey report, based on data collected from 446 private and public plan sponsors representing 5.8 million retirees, discusses the current retiree health care landscape and how legislative changes will affect Medicare-eligible and pre-Medicare retiree strategies.

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2012 Health Care Survey: Better Health. Better Results.