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2014 Health Care Survey

2014 Health Care Survey


The change and uncertainty that continue to shape the health care industry are exceeded by innovation and opportunity. Employers are re-evaluating how they sponsor, structure and deliver health benefits. Their challenge is to learn which new solutions and strategies will drive better results for their business and workforce.

Our industry-leading 2014 Aon Hewitt Health Care Survey provides results from 1,234 employers---Human Resources and Benefits leaders---combined with Aon Hewitt’s expert insights to help lead health care into the future, starting now. Future Ready. Real Now.

This national survey report includes results and Aon Hewitt’s perspective on:

  • Vision 2020: The Future of Health Care
  • Driving Defined Commitment: Reshape How You Sponsor Health
  • Advancing Trend Mitigation: Restructure Health Cost, Provider and Clinical Strategies
  • Elevating the Health Imperative: Deliver an Experience that Improves Health and Performance

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