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Winning Health Promotion Strategies

Winning Health Promotion StrategiesToday's society is witnessing a dramatic increase in sedentary lifestyles, obesity and poor nutrition. These and other health issues have contributed greatly to the ever-rising cost of health care. In Winning Health Promotion Strategies, Anne Marie Ludovici-Connolly, Hewitt Health Management Senior Consultant, provides guidance for organizations seeking to build and maintain participation in wellness initiatives.

Driving changes that lead to healthier lifestyles is essential to help better manage increasing health costs. The book shares tips and success stories to help you better understand all of the factors involved in starting or improving your own initiatives.

Insights include:

  • How to show return on investment on health and wellness programs
  • A step-by-step approach to program design and implementation
  • Techniques for maximizing participation by attracting new participants while keeping existing ones fully engaged
  • Strategies for evaluating your initiatives and using the information to improve your programs
  • 55 proven wellness programs that you can use and adapt for your organization

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