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NBGH/Aon Hewitt Report: The Employee Health Care Mindset: Views, Behaviors, and Solutions

The Employee Health Care Mindset: Views, Behaviors, and Solutions  In partnership with the National Business Group on Health, Hewitt conducted a survey of employees and dependents and gathered their views and behaviors related to health care. The consumer survey explored employees' and dependents' interactions with their employer-sponsored health benefit plans, and tested behavior change concepts that can be compared with employer efforts to promote health and productivity within the workforce. Collectively, these consumers provide important and timely perspectives to employers on health care consumerism, and how employers can shape their efforts to boost employee health engagement.

A few key findings of the survey include:

Behaviors: Employees know how to get healthy, but many aren't taking action.

Obstacles: Skepticism, confusion and cost questions get in the way of healthy actions.

Involvement: Program participation is generally low, but satisfaction is high.

Motivators: Internal motivators can be just as effective as financial ones.

Personal: Targeted and personalized communication are most compelling.

Future: It's all about affordability when evaluating future coverage.

Download a copy of the report, Employee Health Care Mindset: Views, Behaviors, and Solutions.