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Building a Culture of Health: The Art and the Science

Original Webcast Date: Thursday, August 19, 2010

Building employee participation and engagement in wellness initiatives is critcal in managing health care costs. Yet, data show employees don't take full advantage of health and wellness programs.

In this one-hour Webcast, we highlight how Michelin North American successfully engaged its employees to participate in workplace wellness programs and to take accountability for their overall health. You will learn:

  • What communication and engagement strategies Michelin used to motivate participation, including social networks
  • Practical steps to designing and implementing effective health promotion programs
  • How to launch or improve wellness programs

Access the Webcast replay, "Building a Culture of Health: The Art and the Science."

About Our Presenters

Anne Marie Ludovici-Connolly, Aon Hewitt Associates — Annie is a thought leader on designing/implementing workplace wellness programs and author of Winning Health Promotion Strategies, recently published by Human Kinetics.

Anita Doncaster, Aon Hewitt Associates — Anita is a principal and market leader for Hewitt's Communication practice.

J. Martin Storey, Michelin North America — Martin is the Director of Benefits for Michelin North America, and is responsible for its health and wellness programs.