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Help Your Employees Make Smart Benefit Choices During Annual Enrollment

Original Webcast Date: October 7, 2009

During this year's benefits enrollment, employees and employers alike are experiencing the pinch of increasing health care costs — prices that continue to outpace inflation and pay raises. Yet, research shows employees who take time to do their homework, weigh all their available options, and make smart trade-off decisions will be in a good position to make their own benefit dollars stretch further this year, without having to sacrifice the quality of their benefits. The question is how, when Hewitt research shows that 70 percent of participants defaulted into their existing plans during last annual enrollment season.

On this Webcast, Hewitt experts presented a variety of ways employers can engage employees and help them get the best value from their health care and other benefit choices. Topics included:

  • Improving employee decision making
  • Maximizing a high tech/high touch approach
  • Equipping employees to ask the right health care plan questions
  • Increasing enrollment in Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Using annual enrollment to springboard into 2010

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