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2012 Trends in Global Employee Engagement


Given the economic volatility we anticipate in 2012, employee engagement is critical—arguably more so than in more normal conditions. For large multinational employers operating in multiple regions, this means a one-size-fits-all strategy for engagement across the globe will not work. The employee engagement dynamics and resultant human capital interventions and outcomes may vary significantly depending on the industry or region of the model in which you operate. Regardless, one thing is certain—employees and their behavior are at the center of business success (or failure). Ensuring that employees invest discretionary effort in the right behaviors will be critical in delivering the business results needed in conditions of recession, stagnation, or rapid growth.

This report provides insight into global employee engagement trends over the last three years. Employees are a critical component to every organization, and their engagement serves as a barometer of organizational health. By examining employee engagement, employers can create an engagement improvement plan to address employee motivation, behavior, productivity, and subsequently business results. The report concludes with suggested actions employers can take to improve engagement levels and become better positioned for future success.

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