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Accelerating Leadership Growth

Accelerating Leadership Growth


Teaching Leaders How to Learn

In today’s business environment, leaders are required to engage in a constant process of learning—whether it involves learning new markets, new technologies, or new competitors. Aon Hewitt’s Top Companies for Leaders report, along with its experience consulting to organizations on leadership practices, produced a list of best practices of what companies need to be doing today in order to create agile learners and accelerate the development of leaders for the future.

Aon Hewitt knows, based on research and experience, that at the core of these best practices is an experiential approach to learning, described in a learning cycle. The growth from this cycle can be maximized by following six key learning habits practiced by effective leaders who continually navigate the demands of new leadership roles and challenges. In this white paper, we examine these best practices, in addition to the six learning habits, to help maximize leadership growth and learning.

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